Milk Carton Shortage Emergency Funding Application


The application period is now closed. If you submitted an application, decisions will be sent via email to the applicant, principal, and school nutrition manager within three weeks of the closing date (January 25, 2024). 


About the Funding Opportunity:

  • A maximum of $1,000 in funding per school building.
  • Only one application per school.
  • Application must be completed by one of the following:
    • School Principal
    • School Nutrition Manager
    • District School Nutrition Director
    • District Superintendent
  • If multiple schools from a school district would like to apply, a separate application is required for each school.
  • Applications will be reviewed after the application has closed. The applicant, principal, and school nutrition manager will be notified of the decision on your application within 3 weeks of the closing date.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive your funding shortly after receiving your email notification.



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